Alex Turner @ Pistoia Blues 2014 by Ivan Elmi for Outsiders.

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X-Fest, Calgary, 31.08.2014

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A new Haruki Murakami book is coming out in December. The 96-page The Strange Library tells the story of a boy who stops at his local library and encounters an old man who holds him captive and forces him to read books, planning to eat his brain in order to absorb his knowledge. With his fellow captives, a girl with some unusual talents and a sheep-man, the boy tries to escape. It will be translated from Japanese by Ted Goossen and published by Knopf.

More book news here.

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nature is rad

Following a month of covering horror, discrimination, and covert warfare against other persons, Animalipedia would like to take this opportunity to reblog some beauty.

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Looking forward to the new Thor.

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Loki — One-Player Game from Tavoriel on deviantART

// I can imagine Loki using hologram in Halo 4 to teabag Thor’s dead body.

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Best scene ever.♡♥


Best scene ever.♡♥

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You have an accent in both languages. Who was your teacher? Jean Chrétien?
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